Bókasafn, 2017
(Et studie i at være på ophold, holde op, og opholde sig)

A project on Hypomnema (also spelled hupomnema, which is a Greek word
with several translations into English including a reminder, a note, a public record,
a commentary, an anecdotal record, a draft, a copy, and other variations on those terms).

Special thanks to Sólveig Sigurðardóttir

Captatio Benevolentiae (An opening note, an exergue, a preamble,
foreword, theses and postscript), 2016

Sly, cream, and golden /Plop!, 2016

Project during expedition around Magerøya, Norway.
(Magerøya is a large island in Finnmark county, in the extreme northern part of Norway.
The island lies along the Barents Sea in Nordkapp Municipality, just north of the Porsanger Peninsula)

Series of self-published booklets
The Politics of Olive Oil, Camels and Pottery: their role in Building Civilizations
Towards Pink Potatoes *with Sitting Book
Day-to-Day Converser with Martha Dimitratou

Vaga Luna, che Inargenti (Beautiful Moon, Dappling with Silver), 2015-2016
5 min. single channel HD (1080p) video, stereo audio
Opera singer: Capucine Chiaudani
Construction site: Stadionplein Amsterdam
(Photography: Alexander Sedelnikov)
Installation view @ Paleis van Mieris, Amsterdam 2016

one by one, the wind
rustles them, 2016

Publication, 25 cm x 36,5 cm
In the book 1 image is examined from an ontological point of departure

• The corner is deep and made of stone;
its shape is that of an almost perfect hemisphere.
The floor (which is also made of stone)
is something less than a great circle,
and this fact deepens the sense of vastness.
The ladder is hanging above.
The wooden chair is there too.
Objects compiled aside.

Backstage (aka back stage) 2016
Installation view @ Da Costakade 150, Amsterdam